Бюро спецпроектов «Борника»

The Bornica company was created in the year 2003. We develop and sell software for business. One of our products «Autobase» gained popularity and is being widely used in fleet managemet. We deal with differnt regions in Russia (Saint-Peterburg, Kaliningrad, Murmansk, Arhangelsk, Vladivostok and other) and we also would like to have foreign partners. Among our clients there are large oil companies, construction companies, heavy machinery companies. We are an official partner of the SYBASE company (www.sybase.com).

These are the key features of the «Autobase» system — fleet management software.

Vehicles — all the information on every item on which you wish to hold data (car, van, truck, bus, fork lift etc) Every vehicle has it’s own record with the most detailed description. All the information is considered when an analitical report is created.

Costings — All the costing for each vehicle are shown here. In this field, one can set up his own costing codes relating to the major cost categories one want to record (e.g. repairs, maintenance, fuel, tax, depreciation, overheads).

Repairs and Maintenance — this field shows all service and maintenance data with details given about all the repair works done. Also information about spare parts is provided. One can also make a plan of preventive maintenance.

Fuel — holds details of fuel and oil issues and also information for reports. This module is used for recording fuel details drawn by fleet vehicles and subsequent analysis of this data.

Stock Control — stock control system helps to keep track of all aspects of stock control (garage spares, stock issues, purchase orders etc). The detail record is produced to each stock purchase or other input. The detail records hold the quantity and value of each purchase.

Drivers — holds full drivers personal data, details of business mileage and maintains an allocation history (who was driving which vehicle and when). These are used for recording all activities relating to drivers rather than vehicles.

Tyres — one can find out the mileage of each tyre used by the fleet.

Report Writer — The system contains all kinds of reports concernig every aspect of fleet management. (fuel, repair, spare parts etc).

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